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Intercoastal prop is a vessel propeller sale and repair shop for inboard and outboard propellers utilizing Prop Scan.

Increases Performance

Having the prop adjustments on your prop can increase speed and acceleration.

Increase Speed

Is your boat feeling sluggish? Let us fix that with a Prop Scan.

Reduce Fuel Consumption

Get the best economy for your diesel or gas engine with Intercoastal Prop.

End Propeller Vibration

Does your boat shimmy and shake? Your prop may need a tune up.

Enables Synchronization

Having props that are not matched can lead to poor performance for your boat.

Matched Sets

Having matching specs on your props is essential for the performance of your boat.

Prop Scan Helps

Proper weight balancing of all blades

Experienced Team

Welding of Nibral, bronze and stainless


New and used propeller sales

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Inboard propeller hub replacement