Finding the right outboard propellers for your boat

When you are shopping for high performance outboard boat propellers it is important to do your homework so you choose the right replacement for your old propeller. If you fail to choose the right propeller you will not improve your boat’s performance on the water. You will need to consider size, style, and material when you are comparing all of the different top name brands on the market today. Understand how to determine which size and style is best for your boat and make the best investment of your hard-earned money.  The biggest key is finding the propellers that will fit your engine, you can use the Propeller Guide at Intercoastal Prop to provide this list.  If you have any questions in terms of which propeller you need, email or call the experts at Intercoastal Prop.

Prop Size and What to Consider

You may already know that not all boat propellers are the same. Understanding how they differ in size in important. Prop sizes refer to the diameter or the propeller and its pitch. Boat propellers with smaller diameters are meant for smaller board with smaller engines. As you might assume, larger propellers are designed for maneuvering larger boats. Pitch means how much the boat will move in one revolution. If you purchase a propeller with a higher pitch your boat will move faster as long as the engine is powerful enough to keep the RPMs in the right range.

Number of Blades

If you currently have a propeller with 3 blades you may be able to use a 4 blade prop interchangeably. You can also go from a 4 blade to a 3 blade propeller without a drastic change in performance. The diameter may require an adjustment if you choose a different number of blades for your replacement.

Which Material is Best

Boat propellers are made of composite, aluminum, or stainless steel. You should understand the pros and cons of each material before you make a purchase. Composite propellers are inexpensive and durable. Aluminum propellers are easy to repair and are most common today. Stainless steel propellers offer the best durability and performance and are the most expensive.

Choosing boat propellers is not an easy task. Make sure you ask propeller experts for advice if you are ever overwhelmed. By considering size, styling and material, you can improve the performance of your boat on a budget.  Intercoastal Prop offers all of the best replacement propellers for your marine engine, at the lowest prices.  If you have any questions, the experts at Intercoastal Prop are standing by to answer all of your questions in terms of propeller fitting and performance.


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