Improved Fuel Consumption

Does your boat consume more fuel than the recommended amount? The reason for greater fuel consumption is having a low classed propeller. On average, an ISO Class I propeller uses between 5-10% less fuel than a Class III propeller!


End Prop Cavitation

Propeller Cavitation causes vibration, noise and serious damage to your propeller. Cavitation problems come from two different sources, the first is vessel induced where cavitation is caused by appendages, hull shape and application. The second is propeller induced cavitation, this can easily be identified and rectified by a Prop Scan technician.


No more Vibrations

Propeller induced vibration can be caused by inaccuracies in pitch, camber and section shape. Prop Scan allows us to see and remove these inaccuracies. This results in a smoother, more efficient and often faster propeller.

You don't want a traditional propeller on your hi-tech boat!

Intercoastal prop is a vessel propeller sale and repair shop for inboard and outboard propellers utilizing Prop Scan which is capable of tuning propellers to the highest standards to maximize efficiency and smoothness of your vessel. We are capable of repairs on propellers up to 50+ inches.


Advantages of Using Prop Scan

Prop Scan computer generated reports:
Prop Scan technicians issue computer generated before and after reports to all of our customers.

In addition, the Prop Scan computer system keeps a record of all repairs. This allows the technicians to reproduce a propeller of the same specification first time every time.

Increases performance

Increases speed

Reduces fuel consumption

Ends propeller vibration

Enables synchronization

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Prop Scan computer generated report!